Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here we go...

So when my sister returned from a summer visiting family in Taiwan, she came back with a new phrase -- (and here's where I butcher the Chinese) "li dua di ka dan" -- which literally meant "see you under the bamboo".  However, the implied tone was more like "yeah, you wait there; just don't expect anyone to show up".

I guess when I began researching my mother's family, I kind of felt like that...especially asking about Chinese genealogy from traditional research outlets -- online (like Ancestry), the LDS family library, local genealogical societies and conventions.  The resources out there are geared towards an Anglo audience -- decedents of the Mayflower rather than boat people from the Orient*.

Not to mention the even larger handicap...I don't speak Chinese.

However, on the bright side, my mother -- who originally immigrated to the United States in the 60s -- is still alive and is valuable research ally.

So while over the last few years I've sat on the side of the water trying to judge the temperature and now...I guess it's time for me to jump out there and see what I can find.  Hopefully, this blog will allow me to connect with other family members who may be on the same quest.  Or at least, connect with others on a similar journey.  Maybe we can help each other shed some light on what seems to be uncharted waters.

*I know.  I know.  "Orient" implies an Occidental point of view.  Cut me some slack, will ya?  I'm working some literary magic.  :o)

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